Statement of Intent

Members of the church community have an obligation to ensure the safety children and vulnerable adults in each and every activity.

The church undertakes to operate its policy and procedures in relation to the protection of children and vulnerable adults.

The church undertakes to comply with statutory requirements in relation to selecting and appointing individuals to undertake paid or voluntary work.

The church undertakes to provide a system whereby those who care for children, young people and vulnerable adults are trained and supported.

The church undertakes to recognize situations where children and young people and vulnerable adults could potentially suffer harm during the course of church activities.

The church undertakes to challenge any misuse of authority by an individual.

The Church undertakes to listen to children and vulnerable adults and to respond sensitively and in line with its policy and guidelines.

The church undertakes to respond immediately when a suspicion of abuse is drawn to its attention, and to co-operate with the Local Authority or the Police if an investigation is launched.  It also undertakes to share information responsibly to facilitate an effective investigation.

The church undertakes to provide pastoral care to those who suffer abuse or direct them to pastoral care.

The church undertakes to provide pastoral care for offenders or suspected offenders, or refer them to pastoral care.

The church undertakes to work with the Panel’s Training and Safeguarding Officer, and/or the General Secretaries of the three denominations, who will provide advice and guidance to local churches in relation to safeguarding.  The church will cooperate with those tasked with responding to and collating information in relation to cases giving cause for concern within the three denominations.

Church Safeguarding Coordinator for children and young people and where applicable for Adults. ( Please note this is not the person who verifies DBS checks, unless they hold a duel role).

Coordinator : Julia Bartholomew     Deputy Co-ord:  Karen Hughes

Llandudno Junction                                Mochdre

Email:           Email: